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2017 Announcement


The following actions and movements were taught:

Apart, Point,  Touch,  Back, Behind, Face,  Forward, Maneuver, Recover and Step.

The following cues were presented:

Box, Reverse Box, 2 Turning Twos, Left Turning Box, Side Two Step,

Vine (3),  Vine##, Twisty Vine, Back Away 3 and Together 3.

We used Sermonette to practice these moves and cues.



This week we started by reviewing the material covered last week.

The following cues were presented:

Dip Back & Recover, Lace Across and Back, Twirl/Vine, Limp (4), Walk (2),

Cut Back, Face to Face, Back to Back and Scissors Thru.

We completed the cues for Sermonette and added When I Take My Sugar To Tea and Cab Driver – Caldarone.


As we did last week , and will do each week, we reviewed the material covered last week.

We added the following actions and movements:

Dip, Side and Strut.

The following Cues were presented:

Broken Box, Solo Left Turning Box, Traveling Box, Hitch, Full Hitch (Hitch 6 and Hitch Double) and Skate.

The following dance was added to ‘the’ list: All Shook Up

WEEK # 4

This week we took a side step from the regular program. Next weekend is a fun filled square and round dance event at East Hill Farm for Tech Squares; rumor has it that there are over 150 folks that will be there. This weekend is more than just dancing (there will be a lot) but there are games and animals and sleepless nights.

Part of the tradition is dancing the SALTY DOG RAG. This is a traditional ‘folk’ dance; that is a high energy dance that is best danced from memory. If it were to be cued as a normal round dance it would be almost impossible to get all of the words out of the cuer/prompter’s mouth. Therefore, ‘key’ words are used to remind the dancers such as: skip – vine – roll – etc.

We have 2 versions of the dance in our computer, 2 more versions on my desk and then there is the ‘Tech” version.  I will be working to “put in writing” the Tech version. When that is completed it will be posted here – so you can memorize it.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Stephen Gildea, for teaching this version to our class and for helping me get it ‘hen scratched’ (a section of the dance is referred to as “the chicken plucker”) on to paper.



We reverted back to the regular program. Class from 2 weeks ago was reviewed with no issues.

This week we added the following cues: progressive scissors, hitch and scissor, fishtail, whaletail and reviewed traveling box.

The dances that were used were: Crystal Chandeliers and CHEROKEE TWO STEP – CHICO.