Ocean Park, Maine


In the summer of 2016 we were approached by several Maine dancers to teach a class in Maine.  These dancers were not looking for a replacement to their current teachers but they wanted to have more alternatives to learning.  After a few choices proved to be ‘dead ends’ we found a location in the OCEANWOOD CONFERENCE CENTER in Ocean Park, Maine; a section of Old Orchard Beach.

The final result is a room with a wooden floor in one of the associated buildings. This location is available to us from September  thru mid June of each year. We started in September, 2016 with a round dance party that was successful. The attempt was to show the facility to potential class members. We now include 9 couples on the roster for this class; coming from northeastern Massachusetts, thru New Hampshire and up to Bath, Maine and beyond.


Classes are on Sunday afternoons; Noon to 1:30pm is Intermediate and 1:30 to 3:00pm is Advanced. Most people come for the first class and stay until the end. A copy of our flyer for this class is 2016 Sunday Class Flyer – Judson Hall_2. The class has been very active. Here  Ocean Park Dances you will find the various dances that we have taugh


We did a ‘cue & do’ for our Intermediate class INDIAN LAKE, the taught a Two Step and Single Swing DEAR WORLD. The Advanced group did a “heavy” review of When You’re In Love.



We do have room for more dancers. If you have any questions please contact us at:       newenglandcuers@gmail.com.